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While my 12 year old daughter, Mikhaela, was watching her favourite MYX TV show, she saw FabWrap being featured. She immediately searched this on the internet and introduced it to me because I have been hunting for a sleeve to fit my mini notebook for the longest time. I own a Dell Mini 9 and most of the laptop sleeves available in the market are either too small or too big. Almost all of them, too, are very plain for my taste.

FabWrap tailors fashionable “garments” for various gadgets. You will be amazed by their collection of designs! All of them look lovely making it rather difficult to choose only one! Their sleeves and bags come in small and large sizes that fit 13.5x11 inch and 15.5x13 inch laptops, respectively. They can, however, customize their merchandise to suit the buyer’s preferences for a minimal fee.

My daughter gladly helped in picking the design. In the end, we both opted for the Rockstar Fab. This sleeve, basically, has a snake skin print and a purple denim flap... really chic! We also had the size custom-made to fit my Dell.

The result was terrific! I fell in love with the sleeve the moment I received it. It camouflages my laptop really well and also looks so posh when I carry it around. I liked the snug fit, too. Likewise, the lining used was thick enough to give my notebook protection. I just wish I asked for a Velcro or a ribbon on the flap to give it added security. I am guilty of being a bit clumsy sometimes.

I must say FabWrap is indeed a fabulous wrap! If you want to know more about this product, you can go to

The Cake Company Personalized

My husband and I love to eat. More often than not, we make sure we are one of the first in line whenever there are newly opened food stores or restaurants. Luckily, the two of us were assigned to bring cake to my mother-in-law’s surprise birthday party, thus, giving us a very good reason to try out the recently opened Cake Company, Inc. along Marcos Highway, Antipolo City.
The cafe was very neat, although, not too cozy as I imagined it to be. Their colourful, comfortable sofas were not just enough. I think more dramatic lights and brightly painted walls all around the cafe might just do the trick though. 
Anyway, we came here for the cake. There were only a few varieties available during our visit... I wish they had more. At any rate, this made it easier for us to choose. The cafe’s barista later explained that they create cakes in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.
While my husband and I selected, the friendly barista suggested we try a slice of each of their best sellers, the Mississippi Mud Cake and the Carrot Cake.  We first tried the Mississippi Mud Cake with much delight. It was heavenly! Its pure chocolate goodness literally melts in your mouth! It’s simply delicious.

On the other hand, I was not too keen about trying the Carrot Cake. I really do not like this particular kind of cake in general. Don’t get me wrong... I love vegetables. But vegetables and sweets together just do not work for me. My husband insisted we taste it. So, with much hesitation I complied. My first bite changed my perspective instantly. Cake Company’s version of carrot cake was truly exceptional! It was dense, super moist, and had a generous amount of crunchy walnuts. I never had any regrets trying it... and I am sure to come back for more!

We finally decided to order an 8” round Carrot Cake for my husband’s mom. Cake Company’s prices are very reasonable. They are comparable, if not cheaper, to cake prices of major commercial bakeshops. Not bad at all considering the fact that Cake Company’s personalized creations are so much better!!!