Remembering the Art of Friendship Bracelets

Afternoons are usually my free time.  But I am not the type of person who would just sit dallying. So I always find things to do at home like tinker with old stuff, ensure cabinets are well organized, or even inspect nooks and crannies for spotlessness. Sometimes, though, there is really nothing else left to do anymore. That’s why I've planned some projects for lazy afternoons. 
For starters, I created a few collages using old photographs, card boards, colored papers and stickers.

Lately, I've been busying myself with friendship bracelets. I was actually inspired by my niece, Ira, to start this project. One time, I chatted with my sister to ask how Ira was doing. She said that the little girl was pretty engrossed making bracelets for her friends. Then memories of making them, too, as a kid came flashing back. So I thought, why not revive the craft?

I immediately bought my first set of DMC threads then searched the internet for patterns other than stripes and chevrons.  Luckily, I came across Beyond Bracelets via YouTube. The instructional videos are straightforward and easy to follow. In fact, the patterns were intimidating at first but Beyond Bracelets made them look so effortless to do! I realized that the process in creating each bracelet is repetitive so I soon got the hang of it. Once I started tying the knots, I just couldn't stop!
Because I enjoyed making them so much, I was able to make 14 bracelets for my girls in a span of just 10 days. My brother also requested 12 for himself so that’s what I am trying to accomplish now.

Next on my list is painting. Brushes and watercolor tubes have been sitting on our bookstand, waiting for me.  After I’m done with a few, I would probably be sharing the experience, too.  I can’t wait!