Cocktails Anyone?

I ain’t a beer drinker but I sure love a good cocktail. Who wouldn’t? It is delicious yet lethal and can definitely fire up a party. A cocktail could be any drink mixed with spirits. It may contain one or more variety of liquor such as gin, vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, or brandy which may be combined with soda, fruit juices, sugar, cream, milk, herbs, ice, and many more.
Let me share with you 2 cocktails I have mastered. Well, these are just my own concoctions but I hope you will like them as much as I do.
“Southern Lemon Comfort
What you need
Southern Comfort, lemon, 7-Up, plenty of ice
How to mix
On a tall glass, I pour half a jigger of southern comfort and load it up with lots of ice. Then, I add a few drops of lemon juice and fill up the glass with 7-UP. Finally, I garnish with a slice of lemon. Of course, you can adjust the amount of liquor depending on how potent you would like the drink to be. You, too, can use Sprite if you prefer it, although I find it a little too sweet for this cocktail.
“Gin-Straw Cooler"
What you need
Gilbey’s London Dry Gin, Kool-Aid strawberry; plenty of ice, sprig of mint (optional)
How to mix
This is actually a variation of the usual “Gin-Pomelo”. To start with, I dissolve 250 grams of Kool-Aid in 1L of water. Then I add only half of the contents of a 357mL Gilbey’s bottle. Mix well and pour on glasses which are filled to the brim with ice. Sometimes, I let a few leaves of mint float on the drink to make it even more refreshing. Again, you can adjust the amount of gin depending on the strength you like. There is no substitute to Kool-aid though. By far, it has the most concentrated strawberry flavour among all the other instant juices I have tried.
Remember, these are just my versions. I provided the basic elements; varying the taste is entirely up to you. Don’t forget, too, that drinking should only be done OCCASSIONALLY and MODERATELY.