La Luz Summer Getaway

Summer of 2008 was a memorable one for me and my family. My parents have been staying in the UAE for more than 20 years and it has been their yearly ritual to visit us during summer. When they visit, we normally just hang around at home, visit a few relatives, go to malls, and dine out... nothing really extraordinary. Last summer, however, we broke this tradition.
A month before my parents’ scheduled flight, my siblings and I planned to do something special that my parents would surely remember. My sister proposed we surprise our mom and pop by heading to the beach. We were having doubts at first, knowing that my father hates long distance drives. In the end though, it turned out to be the most brilliant idea after all.
We searched the internet for places of retreat around the outskirts of Metro Manila and found La Luz in Laia, Batangas. Their website was pretty much convincing so we immediately decided to stay here. Mom and Pop loved the idea and conceded on going out of town. They did not need much persuasion. Probably, they too, want to do something different.
The trip was roughly 5 hours from where we live. Once we arrived, we got a little disappointed. The entrance right beside the road was not a pretty sight. The parking area was not even paved. In fact, it looked like an entrance to a forest trail, not a resort. There was not a slight indication of the haven we saw on the internet.
I really got worried because my parents were showing signs of dismay. A man then led us down a concrete stairway beside the parking area. To our surprise, at the bottom emerged our paradise! The scenery was simply spectacular.  We almost instantly forgot the tiring long trip.
We stayed overnight inside one of their loft style villas. The room was very clean and spacious for the 9 of us. The resort usually assigns this room for groups of 10, but I say it can accommodate up to 14. Food here in La Luz was delicious, too. We were expecting more seafood viands, though, since we were near the sea. Nevertheless, the food was satisfying. They served eat all you can lunch, dinner, breakfast, and snack buffets.
We all adored the beach. There was not so much activity to do except for kayaking and snorkelling. But hey, relaxing and enjoying the view were already delightful enough.