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I Got Permed!

I have been meaning to write about my husband’s go to salon for quite some time but haven’t really felt a strong urge to do it except now. I guess this would be the perfect timing because I just got my hair permed!
I’ve had my hair really short for years (I mean 2007-2012!).  Only last year did I decide to grow it back so I could change my look. Since then, it has remarkably grown from an extremely short bob to layered locks just below my shoulders.
Whether I would get a rebond or a perm was my main concern. With hair rebonding, I would surely be worrying about my wavy tresses growing out in just a few months. Eventually, I would end up on a ponytail or a bun which is contrary to my goal of just letting my hair down as much as I want. That is why it didn’t take me too long to decide. I settled for a perm thinking that it would make my naturally wavy hair a lot more manageable.
The next question was about getting a digital perm or a traditional cold wave. But this was an even easier decision. The latter is way cheaper, so, cold wave it is!
Two days ago, I went to Eksellente Hairdressing which my hubby frequents for haircut, color, and treatment. Since he trusts them that much, why shouldn’t I? There, I explained the look I would like to achieve and then chose fairly large curling rods. The lady stylist, consequently, promised to give me big, just-got-out-of-the-bed curls.

After the perm: just-got-out-of-the-bed curls
Before the perm: natural unruly waves 
The process took more than 2 hours to complete. It took a while for the curls to set which was kind of weird as I haven’t had my hair treated in years. I began to feel anxious but still excited. Yet after the long wait, I was super happy with the result. 

Now all I need to do is to learn how to care for my newly permed hair. This wouldn’t be too much of a deal as there’s pretty much a lot of available information in the net. In fact, I am currently reading a really helpful article (
I truly hope that my curls lock in place and stay on for 4-5 months as the stylist promised. I wouldn’t want to be disappointed because for the first time in my life I have these outrageous curls!

**Eksellente Hairdressing is located at 3rd Level, Rublou Market Place, Ortigas Extension, Cainta, Rizal (right before entering Brookside main gate).
Tel. (02)6552293 or 09473584877

Remembering the Art of Friendship Bracelets

Afternoons are usually my free time.  But I am not the type of person who would just sit dallying. So I always find things to do at home like tinker with old stuff, ensure cabinets are well organized, or even inspect nooks and crannies for spotlessness. Sometimes, though, there is really nothing else left to do anymore. That’s why I've planned some projects for lazy afternoons. 
For starters, I created a few collages using old photographs, card boards, colored papers and stickers.

Lately, I've been busying myself with friendship bracelets. I was actually inspired by my niece, Ira, to start this project. One time, I chatted with my sister to ask how Ira was doing. She said that the little girl was pretty engrossed making bracelets for her friends. Then memories of making them, too, as a kid came flashing back. So I thought, why not revive the craft?

I immediately bought my first set of DMC threads then searched the internet for patterns other than stripes and chevrons.  Luckily, I came across Beyond Bracelets via YouTube. The instructional videos are straightforward and easy to follow. In fact, the patterns were intimidating at first but Beyond Bracelets made them look so effortless to do! I realized that the process in creating each bracelet is repetitive so I soon got the hang of it. Once I started tying the knots, I just couldn't stop!
Because I enjoyed making them so much, I was able to make 14 bracelets for my girls in a span of just 10 days. My brother also requested 12 for himself so that’s what I am trying to accomplish now.

Next on my list is painting. Brushes and watercolor tubes have been sitting on our bookstand, waiting for me.  After I’m done with a few, I would probably be sharing the experience, too.  I can’t wait!

I Love Marikina Shoes!

Last October 2012 my sister-in-law came home from Singapore. Seeing that she missed going to bazaars or tiangges, as we locally call them, I suggested visiting the Sapatos Festival (Shoe Festival). She relished the idea, so off we went to the exhibit center of SM City Marikina where the weekend shoe expo was held.
Delighted by countless shoes right before us, I ended up getting 2 pairs - oxford shoes with tribal print (Php500) from Alligator Shoe Shop and white sandals (Php150) from Jie-Jay’s. I also took note of Alligator Shoe Shop proprietress’ contact details for future use. Who knows when I would be in need of another pair, right?
Oxford shoes by Alligator Shoe Shop (Php500)
 White sandals by Jie-Jay’s (Php150)
After about a week, I called up the Alligator Shoe owner to ask when and where the following bazaar will be. She directed me to Patio delZapateros where Marikina shoe makers are regularly showcased. Next thing I knew, I’ve plunged into another shopping spree. This time I got floral peep-toes for my mom and beige ballet flats for my eldest daughter. Each priced at Php280.

Peep-toe flats by D&T (Php280)
Ballet flats by D&T (Php280)
The shoes are undeniably fabulous finds. They are topnotch but inexpensive. Likewise, the comfort they give is truly remarkable. Never again will I be skeptical about buying local hand-made shoes.
So whenever you visualize yourself wearing new boots, stilettos, wedges, or flats… think of Marikina, too. Where else can you buy the perfect pair but from the Shoe Capital of the Philippines!
**Patio del Zapateros is located at JP Rizal Street, San Roque, Marikina (right beside the Shoe Museum and across Our Lady of the Abandoned Church).
**Alligator Shoe Shop proprietress is Irene F. Sto. Domingo. Contact details are as follows:
(02) 9413803


After 3 long years, I am finally able to compose my 7th entry. Why the absence? Everyday shuffling of work in the office and at home never became an easy task. At the end of each day all I could think of was resting my aching back and feet. Yet I have no regrets as all sacrifices pay off.
Why the comeback? Because now I am a full time mom to my 2 charming daughters and wife to my loving husband. Being able to handle my own sweet time has been gracious. Nowadays, I can take my teenager to her game or the mall and even walk my youngest to school without stressing too much. Best of all, I am able to prepare sumptuous meals to wow my husband as well. Seeing them happy makes me happy and I could not ask for more.
I may have lost ground but while time is a friend, I intend to pick up from where I left and jump start the year doing one more thing I love to do: write.