Even before the chicken inasal craze boomed in the entire metropolitan, Colasa’s has already been established in offering the best chicken barbeque which is prepared and served the "Davaoenyos" way. Situated in Quezon City along Timog Avenue and also along Visayas Avenue, you will be surprised by the very modest facade of the restaurant given the fact that they are pretty well known.  

Here, chicken barbeque is traditionally served on large bamboo skewers with piping hot rice. It’s a must to create your own dipping sauce... a concoction of soy sauce, calamansi, vinegar, and chillies. Of course, the more chillies... the better. And the best way to enjoy is to eat with your hands!

I also love their version of kinilaw, an indigenous recipe of fresh uncooked fish soaked in vinegar, onion, and ginger. They have dished it up with crunchy cucumber and white radish making it uniquely refreshing. My goodness! Writing this blog makes my mouth water already!!!

The last time I visited this place was probably about 3 years ago. My old friends and I frequented this restaurant because here we can eat good food, chat, and laugh our hearts out all at the same time! The venue is open air, so a smoky aroma will definitely cling on you after pigging out on their comforting meals.

I badly miss Colasa’s. Ahhh... this certainly brings back good old memories of my
U.P. days!


Badet said...

I love Colasa's too! I ate at their Timog branch once. The barbecue is just the way I like it =)

Jackson said...

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